"Gertz tax advice" is, as the name already tells, a tax consultancy and a good example for a relaunch at a medium budget.

The chancellery was originally named Eventus - after a network not existing any longer. Logically consistent a new name was to be found. Together with the new name, a new promotional look and strategy was necessary.

BBB developed the strengthes of the chancellery together with the managing director: Gertz works especially with various modern digital methods, in order to make the handling of the financial matters of the clients more effective and easier. But in order not to molest the clients with technical details on top of the anyway complicated tax topics, BBB reduced the core message to what is important to the client: Gertz makes it easy for the client!

And this is the name.

Name & logo (einfach = easy/simple):

(Translation: simply Gertz!)

BBB developed a complete package for the relaunch: from the name to the logo up to the complete office equipment and a website as well as a mailing in two steps to the existing clients, who had to be informed about the relaunch of course.

Additionally, BBB created adverts for local press and events. Obligatory was christmas greetings, which were to sent out after the relaunch at 1.12., plus a small present for chosen clients. The attached work samples spend a good overview onto what is possible with a limited buget, if you are just a little creative.

Letter paper, name plate & business cards:

Website: www.einfach-gertz.de (only in german due to local clients)

(Text underneath 1,2,3: With us, your tax matters become as easy as counting to three. Simply click on the numbers to receive additional informations)

Basic advert:

Banner advertising at local soccer club:

Advert in a local golf clubs aniversary magazine:

Banner advert at the Tee of a local golf club:

Advert in a programme magazine of a horse back riding competition:

Employee motivation poster for entrance area:

Relaunch mailing to clients:

Christmas gift for clients:

Christmas greeting to clients & business partners:

(Headline translated:

Lost in the tax jungle?
Simply Gertz!)

(Headline translated:

Think simple - act simple!)

(Headline translated:

Simply new: simply Gertz!)

(Headline translated:

Simply christmas!)

The idea was to make christmas easier for the clients by giving them a ready decorated tree and thus safe them time, which they could use for business matters - or their families, simply how they like...

(Headline translated: „You five are now playing four against three.“ (Quotation from a famous german soccer trainer) Problems with figures? simply Gertz!)

(Headline translated: „Shortly I had an Albatros on a Par 3.“ (Albatros is an expression for 3 under Par. Par means the number of hits, a good player needs to bring the golf ball into the hole. 3 minus 3 is 0 = impossible!)

Problems with figures? simply Gertz!)

(Headline translated: „For the ideal tee off at the tax authorities“ simply Gertz!)

(Headline translated:

More hay? Hay has a double meaning in german: the horse food hay, but it also stands for money as a colloquial term

simply Gertz!)