Agency people are always in a hurry. So here are short bulletpoints:

  1. More than 10 agencies (experienced account director), additionally some years at management consultancy and marketing director on clients side. But I don‘t feel to be „beyond“ daily business. What needs to be done, has to be done!

  2. Experienced in all disciplines Atl and Btl, analog and digital

  3. Brand experienced on great FMCG brands such as Bacardi, Jack Daniel‘s, Bahlsen, Lucky Strike and Melitta.

  1. Experienced daily business with high efficiency and ability to work under pressure, very well structured way of working

  2. Experienced in strategy, including a deep understanding of research - qualitatively and quantitantivel, especially reagarding foods (substantiated knowledge about food trends and their development)

  3. Actually also creation & illustration

  4. German & english perfect,
    spanish & japanese basics

  5. Bookings also per day - just fitting your needs

Even shorter: freelance accounting, strategy, illustrations and ideas.

I take over on demand and leave, when the job is done. Just how you‘d expect it from a firefighter.

Just enquire!