In important agencies such as KNSK, BBDO, Boening & Haube, Klosedetering and many other companies, I have collected a vast knowledge concerning marketing and advertising.

Here a list of disciplines, at which you can count on me:

Communication + production

  1. Print (adverts, posters)

  2. FFF (= cinema/radio/tv)

  3. Sales (promotion, sales adverts, POS-communication)

  4. Trade fairs incl. all additional tasks such as catering, printed material, give aways, etc.

  5. Direct marketing (DRTV, direct response adverts, Mailings on-/offline)

  6. Catalogues, product literature

  7. Annual reports

  8. Internet (websites, social media, email)

  9. PR


  1. Research qualitatively & quantitatively

  2. Preparation & analysis

  3. Group discussions

  4. Alround market analysis 

  5. Copy strategy analysis

  6. Target group clustering and -description

  7. Positioning

  8. Communication strategy

  9. New product development

  10. Product range relaunch

Marketing-controlling and -purchase

Process optimization

  1. within agencies and inbetween client and agency