"Die Ballkoenigin" is a specialized store for evening gowns in the Hamburg city center. It is run by the Family Karimi and a good example for a founder consulting at a small budget.

BBB deveoped a complete package - from the name and the logo to a website and first promotion flyers for the opening of the new exclusive boutique. Despite the comparably low investment and a very short timing until the opening, a professional advertising package was compiled. Due to the low budget, no network partners participated, i.e. BBB realised production and web programming alone.

The speciality of this boutique is the exclusivity of the dresses: every gown is available nowhere else in Hamburg and even at „die Ballkönigin“ most often only one single dress of every model is offered... Together we developed the USP (= Unique Selling Point) from this fact: If you buy your gown here, you can be sure, that no other lady will wear the same at the ball! Thus your appearance will be unique - just like that of a belle of the ball.

And this is the name.

Name & logo (Die Ballkönigin = the belle of the ball):

Name plate at store front:


(Headline translation: Make a dream come true!)

(Headline translation: Be the queen of the night.)

Website: www.die-ballkoenigin.de (only in german due to local customers)

(Headline translation:

Evening dresses from all around the world - in one place)