I know the job -and its demands and necessities- from both sides and have collected vast experience in various areas of marketing. So I can be appointed very flexible. I love the diversity of my job and am always interested in new topics. Especially foods is one of my favourite subjects.

My strength is strategy and conception, including a creative implementation of the communication activities. Regarding the production of advertising I am happy to be able to offer a broad network of very well qualified service providers, I have got to know over the years. They offer professional services at a reasonable price: Everything, I cannot do professionally myself, I can offer a professional partner for. This applies for e.g. photography, print production, high end web programming and creation if necessary.

Hello. My name is Constance Boehle. I am BBB.

After more than 10 years in advertising agencies and a management consultancy, I changed to client‘s side - as marketing director of an international acting inc., listed on the stock exchange. The logical next step was my own business.