These are some case examples of my experience from work, I did at great advertising agencies. Of course, this can only give a short overview of the named examples. If you would like to know more, just call me.

Case example Fissler (pots & pans)

For Fissler I participated in substantial market research and did significant strategy work. Amongst other topics, we explored different cooking target groups (from the not willing duty cook to the ambitious hobby cook).

The interesting results, I implemented into a strategic positioning of the different cooking ranges. In order to be able to develop new products, we arranged a workshop for food trends together with the client. I prepared the complete presentation and moderated the workshop. During this project I have learned a lot about the actual food trends from organic to specialty up to functional food (and other). The participants of the workshop (the client and master chefs of the Jeunes Restaurateurs d‘Europe, who also participated in the workshop) were impressed by the information presented.

In the meantime these trends have developed further of course. During other projects at later stages, I have always had an eye on those developments, amongst other information material, I used the „food styles“ study from the german famous „Zukunftsinsitut“.

Case example Bacardi

For Bacardi amongst other tasks, I participated in study taking place over more than a year. It was a qualitative (depth psychology) exploration about the change of values in the public. Target was amongst others to find out, whether „escapism“ of the 80s has come back to the brains of young people between 18 and 24, what they dream of.

The result was disillusioning: Todays youth is so involved with all the outer „threats“ (unemployment, health problems/diseases, terror, climate change, felt impoverishment etc.), that there is no space left for dreams. The young people are disillusioned at a high degree. Only „real“ life counts.

To me, that is the main reason for the big success of reality tv and casting shows: This is the only way to dream.... This is about someone, who is not a super rich from far away. It is someone from next doors, just like you and me. I call this „real grounded dreaming“ and think, it is one of the facettes of the super trend „nesting“.

An interesting view straight into the heart of a target group and therewith possible approach for a strategy, hitting the spot...

Case example Multipower

For Multipower Sportsfood I participated in a complete restructuring of the complete product range. Everything was put into question: reasons for consuming the product, barriers and impact of the existing names and packagings. The results were a desaster: The packaging and names confused the target group, only specialists were able to decrypt them. All others were more or less frightened by the complicated names. They associated the products with „doping“ or even „gloss paint“ - in any way: not eatable!

We restructured the complete range and put it into 3 logical lines, corresponding with the 3 groups of fitness studio users: Body, Active and Muscle. For the existing specialists (Muscle enthusiasts) a subbrand called „Multipoer Professional“ was founded. There they could find all their complicated special products.

In order to make the new ranges „more foody“ and thus more appealing to consumers, the naming was changed correspondingly and the packaging was designed after food models. At the same time, it was clearly unified for a better „block look“ for the brand overall.

The campaign afterwards was based on the insights from the research.