"360 Quality Association" is an international group of various specialized reefer shipping lines, which follow the common aim to enhance the quality results of reefer cargoes. 360 Quality is a good example for the development of a website and a trade fair stand at medium to higher budgets.

BBB developed a conclusive strategy how to win new members & new customers for existing members and to provide information to the interested public. The work was based on the existing logo and an existing „first“ website. The strategy resulted into an idea for the general advertising look of the Association:

Core task of the Association is the work at quality results. For the achievement of this goal, cargoes are inspected at several stations of the long supply chain and results are reported to everyone in the supply chain in order to find potential causes of defects and eliminate them. Taking a mango as an example, this would mean „from the tree to the supermarket: 360 Quality is always present.“ So what would suggest itself more than showing the long voyage of the fruit?

The website shows the examplary voyage of a mango and its numerous stations on its way to us, the consumer. This is visualized by illustrations, especially made by BBB, which show the different moments during the voyage, changing on every page. So if you click through the complete page, you can see the whole supply chain. Another reason to really explore the complete site...

The technical implementation of a content management system (CMS), which enables the client to work on the site in different languages at any time, was done by a BBB network partner. Idea, concept, structure, layout, illustrations and first texts were done by BBB.

Website: www.360quality.org

The chocolate give away:

The flyer with actual topics for Fruit Logistica. It was designed to fit into the leaflet. Contents were the presentation of an actual study about the effects of specialised reefer ships on climate (front page) and an invitation to the „Happy Hour“ at the first day of the fair (rear side) including the stand location.

Fitting the environmental topic, the flyer was printed on paper from sustainable forestry (as well as the leaflet by the way).

To give away at the stand BBB also developed, texted and designed an actual flyer, a leaflet for longterm use with 8 pages and various give away ideas. Of the least, only a chocolate with the 360 Quality logo was produced, which was given away at the stand for catering purposes. The production of all these advertising materials was done by a high quality BBB network partner.

The leaflet. Contents are the overall display of the work of the Association as well as its benefits to customers and members. This is shown on the basis of the long supply chain, already stressed on the website.

For the screen at the stand BBB developed an idea for a creative presentation and implemented this professionally to play with a DVD player. Integrated in this presentation are the illustrations, known from the website and the according story: The core idea is a personal picture album of a fruit, that „travelled“ to the consumer with 360. The film shown underneath has a very low resolution due to shorter loading times. At request I would be happy to show you the full quality version in a presentation.

But it didn‘t end with the stand design. BBB of course also provided the stand construction at a high quality standard and reasonable price in close cooperation with a BBB network partner.

Additionally BBB organized the complete catering – aswell during the complete fair as for a „Happy Hour“ at first fair day with 150 - 200 guests. For this event BBB booked a professional catering service. Premium finger food was served by obliging, english speaking staff. The event took place to the perfect satisfaction of client and visitors.

Impressions from the stand and event can be viewed here:

After onlining of the website, BBB was asked to create and implement the exhibition presence of the 360 Quality Association at FRUIT LOGISTICA 2010 – an important trade fair for fresh produce trade and  logistics in Berlin. According to Messe Berlin „the most important business and communication arena of the international fresh produce trade. The industry's key decision makers are there as exhibitors and trade visitors ... The FRUIT LOGISTICA 2009 was visited by 50,000 trade visitors from 120 countries.

One factor for booking BBB besides creation was also, that the client is based outside Germany. BBB was a helping hand close by, familiar with the local service supplies and able to react fast on location.

BBB developed a design idea according to organizational and budgetary demands of the client and implemented this in a first stand design. In following steps, technical drawings and details of the stand were developed and approved. Watch a movie of the 3D animated final stand design: