You have a great idea and want to start your own business with it?

Congratulations! An exciting time lays ahead for you.

Now you have to plan effective and enduring. A central focus of your business plan should be marketing*, because without clients, the best idea is worthless! Starting with marketing & advertising can be difficult, especially if you have never dealt with such topics. But with some help from a professional, you can soon find out, how to inspire others for your idea. You don‘t know a professional, who could help you?

Fine! I have a suggestion for you: BBB!

First of all, I will help you to define a clear target group and together, we will then develop strategies, how to fast & effectively reach first customers (and if necessary investors) for your business concept. My help at this already begins with the making of a business plan, goes on with a name and look for the new company and still doesn‘t end with the first advertising activities. With my allround experience regarding planning and implementation of advertising as well as a network of other specialists for many demands, I will guide you on your way. Your longterm success is of course important to me. In the end, we want to grow together.

As a new founders, you don‘t have too much money for a professional? Don‘t worry. Also a small budget can be changed into creative advertising - especially, if you are talking to a small business without expensive overheads of larger agencies.

Let‘s just talk about it. Call now!

Additionally, you can take a look at, what I was happy to do for other founders ...

  1. *Marketing is the sum of all actions, taken to generate turnover for a business. This applies to adverts, posters and other, but also to location, name, look of the store, packaging, prices and offer as well as overall financial and organizational topics. With all this, I can help you.