If you‘re not able to promote yourself, you can certainly not do it for others... For this reason, you should see some of the BBB own ideas to attract interest for the BBB services.

You have come across one part of BBB‘s house advertising at least. Otherwise you wouldn‘t be visiting this page. Here are some other examples for creative mailings, which are sent out to attract interest for BBB. Of course you will find a raspberry in every idea. This is another proof for how good it transports the same manifoldness with which BBB can get active for you.

Mailing "Reindeer" at christmas 2008:

Text of the label: BBB wishes white christmas

and if you get cold feet in Biz: BBB starts a fire!

(Logically consistent, the reindeer needed BBB-pink cuffs)

Mailing "Candy glas" at carnival monday 2009 (german „rose monday“):

Why raspberries and BBB fit each other so perfectly well...

Snap at the chance!

Mailing "Forget-me-not" at Easter 2009:

BBB wishes happy easter & rich growth!

Clear the way for the harvest now!

Mailing "The BBB Christmas File" at christmas 2009:

BBB wishes pleasurefull christmas

with the pink raspberry advent tea to go!